The West Virginia Marble Collector's Club

The West Virginia Marble Collectors Club (WVMCC) was the inspiration of four Wood County, West Virginia residents. These enthusiastic marble collectors were Ron Shepherd, Paula Shepherd, Gary Traugh, and the late Tim Wyer. They recognized a need to preserve the history of marbles and to promote the collecting and identification of marbles.

The WVMCC was not intended to be limited to only West Virginia marble collectors or West Virgina marbles alone. The organization welcomes collectors from everywhere and appreciates every type of marble, including but not limited to, stone, clay, glass handmade, machine-made and contemporary, along with all related marble memorabilia.

The WVMCC was organized on March 30, 2003, and is dedicated to educating individuals about the collecting and preservation of marbles, art glass orbs, related artifacts, and documents. The WVMCC promotes marble collecting through club meetings, marble shows, a website, a newsletter, and the development of other educational resources.

The original club officers were as follows: President, Ron Shepherd; First Vice President, Dennis Jones; Second Vice President, Steve Pletcher; Secretary, Ruby Sellers; Treasurer, Lana Williamson; Public Relations Officer, Gary Traugh; Newsletter and Website Editor, Paula Shepherd; and Show Chairman, Steve Smith.

The collecting of marbles is still a young hobby. It was the goal of the original founders of the WVMCC that through meetings, marble shows, newsletters and conversations/correspondence among marble enthusiasts, that additional information could be accumulated which would be beneficial to collectors.

The logo chosen to represent the WVMCC was inspired by a contemporary sulfide marble created by the late Jim Davis of West Virginia. This marble depicted the shape of the State of West Virginia in a clear base marble. The logo has evolved into its present form as shown Below.


Logo Inspired Marbles

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